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We Offer Posture Improvement And Serve Residents of Waterloo, IA & Cedar Falls, IA

Short-term pain relief is wonderful but a long life of feeling great is what we strive for. You deserve it, your family deserves it and we can help! 

Perhaps you’re an athlete with a demanding practice schedule. Or maybe you’re getting older and developing new aches and pains. Wilson Family Chiropractic Center serves patients from Waterloo, Iowa and the surrounding areas. We’re committed to strengthening spines and providing effective chiropractic treatments for individuals with scoliosis or other spinal issues. 

Dr. Zachary Wilson offers corrective exercises and lifestyle advice. He can also perform posture and spine screenings. Don’t wait to receive the relief you deserve. Call our Waterloo office at 319-232-5356 to schedule your initial consultation.

We specialize in giving answers

Searching for a knowledgeable chiropractor in Waterloo? Wilson Family Chiropractic Center has more than 12 years of experience, and we’re always developing our practice. We take a research-driven approach to solving neurological, spinal and nutritional problems. We’re constantly adapting and growing – because you deserve a state-of-the art facility that’s at the forefront of natural healthcare approaches.

Contact Dr. Wilson for more information about posture improvement, scoliosis treatment and corrective care.

What is CBP® Technique?

Unlike other chiropractic centers, we’re not interested in giving you a quick fix. Our knowledgeable team will create a long-term treatment plan that’s effective and affordable. That treatment plan might feature Chiropractic BioPhysics® – also known as CBP Technique®, the most researched, reliable, effective, and reproducible method of improving spinal curvatures and posture. This method focuses on:
  • Normal spine alignment
  • Vertical alignment of head, rib cage and pelvis
  • Improved function; strengh & development

Schedule your consultation with our Waterloo, IA chiropractic center to learn more. Our healthcare professionals will help you take the next step in your wellness journey.

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